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"The team and Portia with Champions Real estate has been so amazing! We had some minor issues with the washing machine in our rental and they made sure that it was all taken care of in a timely manner and with respect to both our family and the home owners! Portia is truly amazing and cares for her clients and their tenants unlike any other property management company I’ve ever come across."

"Portia is very engaging with the clients which produced great results for the company. She is resilient during times of extreme change at the company, her work never suffers. Clients enjoyed working with her."  ~  Kristina C.

“Choosing the right agent was just as important to us as choosing the right home and we are blessed to have worked with Portia. Her approach was to build a trusting partnership with us to determine our needs, quickly locate homes that matched what we were looking for and providing her sound expertise every step of the way. The genuine care and passion that Portia exhibited towards us throughout the home buying process truly helped to put us at ease when this could have been a highly stressful time for most people. All of this, coupled with Portia’s open communication and prompt follow up are just a few of the reasons why we would highly recommend that others choose to work with her.”  ~  Georgette J.

"I highly recommend Portia Wright. Portia is a very dedicated and thorough agent. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and certainly works hard to make sure that you get what you want. She doesn't impose her views on you, but she will make constructive suggestions to assist you in getting what you want. Portia is the "go to" agent and I will always use her. You can't go wrong when she is on your team!"  ~  Michelle M.

"As a first time home buyer, I was very nervous about the process and if even owning a home was in reach. Portia not only was patient with me, she answered my questions fully and made sure I understood what was being explained to me. She was courteous, personable, and above all she was focused on my needs and preferences in selecting and purchasing my home."  ~  Timothy V.

"We had more than just a need for a home and a good realtor, we had an urgency.  My mom had become ill and would soon come to live with us and we had terminated our lease agreement with the apartment we were in. We were virtually homeless.  Portia took the time to understand our needs and our time constraints; thus she became our agent and advocate.  I will never forget the day she called and said "I've found your house."  Within thirty days she was standing at the door with the keys, welcoming us into our new home."  ~  Sheryl and Luther S.

"Portia is very knowledgeable, keeps a close watch on market conditions, and is a go-getter. She will get the job done with excellence and lightning speed, and if what you require is outside her area of expertise, she will refer you to someone who is as knowledgeable and efficient as she is. This has been my experience with her. She's my first choice on any day for all my real estate needs!"  ~  Grace G.

"Portia is the ultimate professional! I have worked with Portia and numerous purchase transactions. Not only is she very easy to get along with but she will get you results. Negotiating is her expertise. Being in the real estate industry for many years she knows the market and knows the right price to offer for her clients.

If you are looking to buy or sell I would highly recommend Portia Wright."  ~  Peter R.

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